Delivery to Spain

We can arrange for any of our Patio Sets to be delivered ANYWHERE IN SPAIN !

Most of our garden furniture sets can now be delivered via reputable door to door transport, directly to Spain and other European Countries for a very reasonable charge!

We have comprehensive experience in arranging delivery of garden furniture to Spain, in particular synthetic rattan furniture. Rattan tends to be more than twice as expensive in Spain and the choice is quite limited compared to the U.K, so even with shipping costs, it is more cost effective to purchase your furniture here, and transport it

We will take care of all of the details, and have selected 2 transport companies which are very experienced in moving furniture to Europe, giving our customer complete ease of mind

We are able to liaise with the shippers and make sure that your items arrive in perfect condition and on time.

Goods are sent via a reputable transport company and generally arrive within 7-10 days of dispatch.

Please contact us for details, we will be glad to
assist you.

Tel: 0208 366 0700